Helping businesses raise money

Sooner or later your business may need money from outside investors to grow. We help clients navigate the complex securities and Blue-Sky laws every day.

In addition, with a lifetime of relationships in the Naple, Florida, area, Chris Wegner can often bring investors and advisors to your business like no other attorney in the greater Naples area.

Helping clients raise money is one of the things we enjoy most about working with businesses and it is something we do all of the time. Quite frankly, we have become pretty good at it, let us help take you and your business to the next stage!

Recent Offerings

  • Construction Company $250,000
  • Technology Company $2,000,000
  • Safety Equipment Manufacturer $20,000
  • Agricultural Supply Company $1,000,000
  • Real Estate Investment Fund $1,200,000
  • Financial Services Company $5,000,000
  • Global Real Estate Fund $250,000
  • Online Retailer $50,000